Full Length 'Drenched In Blood' with 14 Heavy Grinding Death Rolling Songs out on Rotten Roll Rex.

R.I.P. Lemmy
Thanks for your inspiration.

Heavy X-Mas Fuckers!

What's up?
...the sun is hot like Satans' ass in hell and we use the time to write some new cool songs. What better can we do when hanging around in the rehearsal room? Ok, sure: watching trash movies and drink some booze! Besides that we've recorded 7 new songs and we plan to finish the next full length until end of this year. Yeah, it's a plan, but usually we give a fuck about any plan...
Cheers Mucu

The upcoming show in Würzburg is cancelled!

Yeah, good morning you lazy fuckin' bastards, how are you?
...well, we're all fine, and we just recognised that already a couple of months have passed since the last news. So here's an update:

New T-Shirts are available!!!

We thought it would be nice to have the old red SICKO shirt in stock again. Furthermore we have another new edition of the ZOMBIE SQUAD 69 Shirt. So just have a look in our MERCH Section.

We also will play a couple of shows in the next months. We'll play some gigs together with bands like BLOOD and DEAD. So we're really looking forward for the next gigs. You can find the dates here.

And what else?
...the last months we recorded some new songs, we've just finished 3 songs and we plan to put them on the next full length album. But until then we need another 20 songs, so you can expect a new release in maybe 5 years and if we're fast we'll manage to finish the album in 4 years, harharhar...
But until then we'll see you out there!
Greets The Mucu-Squad

4th of advent surprise!
This one is special... We have a Mucu-Style coverversion of BLOOD with 'Dogmatize'.

Gory christmas to you all!!! See you in 2014...

3rd of advent surprise!
'Advent, Advent'

2nd of advent surprise!
Best version ever of 'Kling Glöckchen kling'

1st of advent surprise!
We will release a youtube clip from our '96 split-tape with Malicious 'Some Weird Christmas Songs' every upcoming advent. Watch it and check out these masterpieces of music, harharhar... Here is the first song 'Leise rieselt der Schnee'

With the new release we will offer you a special merchandise package!
So you can have the 'Zombie Squad 69' T-Shirt + the new CD 'Decadence Galore' for just 15 Euros + shipping costs.


...so you better be quick. Please notice that we only have shirts in size S, M, XL, XXL left, size L is sold out. You can find the information for ordering and shipping on our Merch page.
Cheers Mucu

Hell Yeah!!!
The new Split with Ultimo Mondo Cannibale is out now!

Check out a first song: 'Killing Spree'


After 13 years...
...we played at the Obscene Extreme Festival again. It was nice coming back to Trutnov - and yes it's just a fucking awesome place to play grind!

Here's a video of 'Hell Is Here'

You can watch the full show here:

I think it's time to give you an update about the upcoming release...
All the recordings are finished, so we are doing the mixdowns these days. Now where we are close to the final result we can hear the next monster we've created. And hell yeah, it sounds like monster guitars, tight drums and brute force vocals thrown in a concrete mixer together with you're grandmothers' guts. You can look forward for six neckbreaking, ass shaking slaughter songs. Pretty heavy shit! ...ehm, I just wanted to say that we are pretty satisfied with the songs...

Here's a impression of the layout. Stay rotten...


Low Brain Blow Bunny live @ Bloodshed Fest 13

Nice news...
...for all the porn gore lovers out there. We plan to do a split with italian finest porn gore grinders ULTIMO MONDO CANNIBALE! The release will be out some day in beginning of 2013 or something like that.

Flyer Ultimo Split

This autumn...
...we will play some nice, gory, heavy shows. Hell Yeah! We really looking forward for the gigs at Bloodshed Festival, NRW Deathfest, From Dusk Till Dawn Festival, Arscholio Festival and the Genital Festival!
You can find the dates in the shows section. See you out there!

Anything else?
At the moment we spend time in the rehearsal room to record some new songs. Three Songs are finished up to now and they sound like uaaaarrrrrrrrrr!
Greets Mucu

Last week in Mannheim...

Grinding Friday

New Homepage...
has a different style now! It's a bit more green I think... but have a look for yourselves.

All right...
we're just back from an awesome gig @ Collipop! Only annoying thing last weekend was the total breakdown of our brave Mucu-transportation vehicle: THE MUCUBUS. As we arrived for the show in Oss the gearbox was striking and so we had to leave the Mucubus in the Netherlands where it will be scrapped. R.I.P. Mucubus. You were tough, brave but in the end not unbreakable.

Here's a youtube video from the show:

Heavy new year, fuckers!

The album contains the original Horny-release from 1999 + the live recording from the split tape with "Pissed Off Orgasm" which was released back in 1996. You can order this classic in the Merch section. It's just a fucking awesome release and we're proud to have this record out again. Thanks to all who made this possible.

What happend?
...nothing that could set Satans' ass on fire - we just added some new gigs in the Shows section.

And by the way, we have a collaboration with the guys from doomstar-booking. Check them out at:

Watch a cool youtube fan video to the song "Dead" from the new album with a big respect and thanks to all the sickos out there!

We play at the "Horns Up Festival" this saturday. Torture Squad had to cancel their tour, so we help out and grind the stage together with Death Before Dishonor, Undertow, Gurd, New Born Hate and others.
So be there and mosh!

After four fucking years of waiting...
...the new album is fucking out now! You can order the Digipack-CD in the Merch section.

Two tracks of the new album "Monsters Of Carnage" are online.
Go to myspace or lastfm.

New album?
We just played two great shows together with our fellows from Cliteater and Rompeprop on their Goregrind Over Europe tour. It was fucking awesome and shows like these show us, what it's worth for making grindcore and why we're doing this since all these years. Thank you to every single grindcore fucker out there for supporting us and the scene!

And damn, we didn't manage to release the new album in 2009 - sorry for that and sorry to the ones who are waiting for the new stuff! But we can inform you that the new album is called "MONSTERS OF CARNAGE". Further details about release date and label will be added in the next few weeks.

As bands cancelled their show at the "Gore Grind Fever Fest" we helped out and will grind the stage tomorrow together with Rompeprop, Stillbirth, Spasm, Boiler and Ultimo Mondo Cannibale.
So be there and mosh!!!

Again it seems like we didn't update the site for months...
...and I know: we're some old and lazy, rotten motherfuckers, but - who cares? Harhar! This doesn't mean that we're sitting around and got nothing else to do than picking our nose the whole day. We're still working on the album. Step by step the recording is getting in shape and the more it is completed it sounds more and more awesome!!! It sounds creamy, fresh and like sugared water running down the hot body of a naked willing bitch! Sound is still Mucu - that's unmistakable. But the songs are much tighter and more varied than on the last albums. So you can be excited...

Furthermore we added some pictures from the poland gig on the homepage. You can find them in the "pictures" section.

After a long break...
...let me tell you what's going on with the Mucu-Squad: In July, after we have finished all the new songs and right before we wanted to record the tracks, we did get the news that our rehearsal room has to be teared down within the next 4 weeks. The news really sucked, 'cause we originally planned to finish the new album this summer! Well, after a mandatory break of 3 months, we now have found a new rehearsal room in Heilbronx. The new rehearsal room is much more comfortable than our old room which was located in an old pigpen, harharhar. We now have two rooms which we can use for the rehearsals and for the recordings. You can find some pictures of the new rehearsal room on our myspace site.

Currnetly we've completed the new premises, so that we can start recording the new shit pretty soon. Next week we're going to finish the drum sound and after that we will record the first songs. By now we're pretty excited how it will sound in the end! If everything flows smoothly we have time to get back on the road as from February / March 2009. We can't wait to see all you grind fuckers out there again!

We are still busy with writing new songs...
...and 15 tracks are finished until now, but we want to have about 25 new violent, furious, full throttle songs. So until spring/summer we can not start recording the new shit.

Further news are...
...that the last few weeks we had a lot of concert requests for the near future. We are sorry, but we won't play gigs until we have finished recording the new songs. Sorry for that - but we also suffer from beeing not on the road...

We are back from Portugal...
...and what can I say? Butchery at Christmas Fest was killer!!! We enjoyed playing there so much and the crowd was fucking nuts. Besides the nice festival we really did appreciate the hospitality of the portuguese fellows - a honest thanks to all the people who supported us over there!

In 2007...
...every single show we played this year was it worth driving hundreds of kilometers, getting no sleep, banging our heads, sweating and giving our hearts and passion to our music and to the people who share grindcore with us. So we just wanna say thank you to all the people who supported us this year.

And in 2008...
...the next few months we will be busy with writing new songs and recording a new album. We plan to make quite more songs than we did on Bloodstained Blues, therefore in the first half of 2008 we won't play much gigs. Until now we already made about 10 new songs which sound more tighter, bunched and shorter than the songs from the last albums. Concerning the vocals we currently cannot say how they will exactly sound, we will wait until the new songs are finished and decide then which (backing)vocals fit best to the new songs.

So, we wish everyone out there a brutal and groovy year 2008. Fuck 'em all!

Finally!!!! New good quality shirts are in stock now! Check out the Merch page for more details. Here's the Layout, fuckers!

The Shirts were supported by Rotten Roll Rex.

Yeah. We are back from Spain and had a fucking awesome time there. We would like to say thank you to the organizers of the festival and to the great people we met over there. Playing at the Bipolar Festival was a special experience for us, 'cause it mixed different extreme, innovative and disturbing types of music. We really liked the idea of the festival and we send out all the best wishes for the future!!!

Currently we are looking forward to the Grindabalooza Festival this weekend! You can find more infos at: www.grindabalooza.de

On Friday 03.08. we will play our first (and maybe only???) gig in Spain. So all you sickos over there - don't miss this show!

The merchandise-section is updated with patches and stickers. Soon, we will also have gorelicious T-Shirts, Longsleeves and Girlie-Shirts with a new layout. Cheers and beers Mucu.

Hi there. The next few months we only play a few less concerts, so we use the time to write some new songs. Four songs are already finished, so be prepared for some new brutal stuff from Mucu!!!!

Hi there.The OVS Grindfest was fucking awesome, thanx for all people and bands who partied with us last weekend!!!!

MUCUPURULENT will enter ITALY on the 30th and 31st of March. More infos here.


Show in Linz is canceled, because of locationproblems. This show gonna be repeated soon. Greetz Mucu.

Show in Cottbus @ Muggefug has to be canceled, because Sera has a bad lumbago / getting a sliped disc! His back is very painful at the moment, and it´s not clear right now, how long his recovery will last. He just got the problems today. We wish best recovery on this way and we hope he will be healthy again very soon!!! SORRY FOR THAT BAD NEWS!!!!!

Hi there. We wanna do more shows than ever in 2007. So organizers, people with contacts to clubs etc. just keep us informed!!!!
We are looking especially for gigs in italy and spain!!! Other countries are also welcome!!! So keep us informed and get in contact with us!!!! Cheers and beers Mucu!! Show section has been updated!!!

New revival of the SICKO-Shirt!!!! Now available.

New revival of the SICKO-Shirt!!!!
We have the new SICKO BABY Shirt in stock very soon, so make your pre orders right now to get one of this item. They differ from the US version in the back printing! So for order get in contact with us!!!!!

Hi there., Morbide Festspiele was killer, fucking rad, awesome, cool! We enjoyed the show really! Thanx to all the people out there who just visited our show and made the show so great, u fucking rule! Here is our youtube link, with some video´s from the show.


After requests here are pics of our USA MINITOUR 2006 we made on our own or shot by some cool guys. We are still waiting for some material from our friends .So there will be more stuff coming up by time. So if you have some pics or links from our US shows let us know. Cheers Mucu

Hi there. We do accept now PAYPAL, so we have created a PAYPAL-SHOP for you to make merch-shopping easier for you!!!! If you don´t want to use this possibility, you still can get in contact with us and we will figure merch-order out for you! Cheers- Mucu


Hi there. We are back and had a fantastic time over in the US!!!! On this way thanx a lot to Roy from NECROHARMONIC, to our crazy australian guys Andrew and Damon, to Cecile and Will and last but not least to Sergeij, Dave and Daryl you all fucking rule! Thanx a lot!!! As a little appetizer we just put some live video from the CBGB show in New York under the download section. Take a look after it!
Hell is Here - Live at CBGBs New York


All right! New MUCU-Shirts arrived at the MUCU department, so you can order now. For USA intrests; we will bring some shirts with us for the tour. SICKO-Shirts will also be available on the shows!

Mini-US Tourdates updated.

We just begin producing new shirts for the upcoming Bloodstained Blues Release. Just take a look at merchandise. Preorders are possible! We deliver as fast as the shirts entered the Mucu headquarter. Greetings Mucu

Hi there! After two great shows in Eindhoven and Berlin it´s time for us to give u some news. Well after all shirts are sold out for now, we want to inform you that we gonna make some new shirts right in time with the release of our new cd. I guess we have new shirts at the end of April- beginning May. It will be available as T-shirt and Girlieshirt. We also plan to do some hooded sweaters, then in the cold months of the year. But until then u have to wear our shirts, haha. Greetings Mucu

Freitag, 31.03.2006, 19:00 Uhr:

mit dabei sind:
MUCUPURULENT (Grind 'n Roll )

DJ Jakob & Lars
-Metal, Grindcore, Punk, Rock

Eintritt: 6,- €

New forum is online! Check this out:The mucu-board can be found at the guestbook section.

Hi there, final phase in mixing and mastering. We will finish our work with BSB on friday. After this we just have to finish the artwork for booklet-layout. Then it´s our lables job releasing the stuff as soon as possible. We actually can´t say anything about the releasing date sofar. We will keep u informed about that matter! Furthermore we have to announce some few shows we have added at the shows section. Just have a look and see if we´ll play near to your hometown. Our music will feature the shows of mortian.com a movie channel in the US.
So far, take care! Greetings Mucupurulent.

Hi there, studio work is doing quite damn good so far. See first studioreport at myspace.com!
Greetings Mucu!

Mucu rocks Kassel at the 4th of March 2006 at the K19 together with our bro´s from Accion Mutante and Belching Beet.

Hi there, take part on our internet setlist request for the maryland deathfest show in may 2006. You can now tell us what songs, favourite Mucu smashhits you wanna hear on the festival. Just visit us on the myspace.com mucu site and leave your suggestions there.

RERELEASE OF SICKO BABY- and more Babes out now, available at NECROHARMONIC PROD. and of course at our upcoming shows. We even will get some copies, but for all u out there, who still fucking looking forward to that release order it right now at Necroharmnic Prod.

We will start recording our new album Bloodstained Blues for morbid reords in about two weeks. We finish songwriting until the end of next week. So we have all we need to record this masterpeace. Some prerecordings can be heared at http://www.myspace.com/mucupurulentband.
Greetings Mucu

Hi there, shows updated!

Good news, the re-release of Sicko Baby is gonna be ready soon. CD is almost manufactured and the guys from morbid wrath and necroharmonic are already waiting for printing the booklet and whole grphical layoutstuff. Here is a little apetizer. The relayoutet cover of SICKO BABE:

Hi there. Well, we have done the show yesterday in Giebelstadt celebrating our 10th anniversary. It´s good to be back on stage again. It was a great show for us. Some pics are uploaded at the picture section shot by Claudia Lessmeister. Greetings Mucu

Hi there, we are confirmed for Maryland Deathfest 27/28th May 2006!
Perhabs we will manage it to do some more shows in the USA. In addtion to the festival. Help is welcome so write us if u have contact to concertorganizers or to other eventorganizers over there.

According to some site-structure and server problems, we were forced to overwork our site again. We hope all errors are repaired. Greetings Mucu

We are online now, enjoy!!!!! The new CD will appear beginning 2006 under MORBID RECORDS. 7 songs are done, more 7 are about to be written as fast as possible. We start recording late autumn, early winter. Greetings Mucu!

Hi there, we are preparing our new web-site which will appear under a new domain. you can reach the site then under www.mucupurulent.com or www.mucupurulent.net. The site will appear until january 2006. the release of our upcoming CD Bloodstained Blues will also be at the beginning of 2006. 7 songs just have been done. 7 more songs are following soon.

Well we got a new drummer now, called Kevin. He makes a fantastic job and after moving to a new rehearsal room, we will start recording new stuff as fast as possible.

New confirmed show. First gig since feb. 2004:
Giebelstadt (bei Würzburg), I-Park
With following bands:
Severe Torture
Prostitude Disfigurement
Grimness 69

Hi there, good news. Well recording will be continued very soon, after problems in the drumsection, we are proud to announce, that we have added this position again with a new helping hand. The new drummer will be introduced very soon. We will now continue rehearsal, writing and also recording new songs.
Greetings Timo & Sera of Mucu.

The bad news is that we have lost complete data for Mucu-newsletter, so please be so kind and resign the letter again, if you want to get the latest updates of Mucu-activities.

During to personal problems the recordings of Bloodstained Blues have been layed down at the moment, the band is still solving this situation and will start beginning a complete new recordingsession very soon, we keep you informed about the status of recording.Timo has written some new stuff, real heavy brutal stuff, deep deep growls like at sicko times. You can look forward to it. Greetings Sera and Timo of Mucu.

RIP Dimebag Darrel, you will allways be in our hearts as musician and idol! It´s almost unbelievable! It´s tragic and sad!

We have some good news to announce! Fortunately we have made a cooperation with Morbid Wrath Records &Necroharmonic Production (USA), that will rerelease SICKO BABY in a special way. The cd will contain the Sicko Baby material and also the Songs from Bizarre Tales Of the Abnormal- Demo, the songs from Remind the Bizarre from the Split 7´´ with Cabal and also unreleased song material of the past time. We keep you informed about the thing s going on with that release. Also Necroharmonic shows interest in reprinting the SICKO BABY Shirts! So as you can see, some good news. 2005 gonna be a mucu-releasing mania. Greetings Mucu.

Also we can inform you that a split 7´´ is in preparation with Austrian Rockers Mastic Scum. The songs for that cooperation will be recorded during the recordinprocess of BLOODSTAINED BLUES. We will also keep you informed about this item, that will probably gonna be released under CUDGEL (Germany)

Well, newsletter is activated. So sign up the newsletter to get latest informations. Greetings Mucu

Hi there, we just updated the merch-section, actual merchandise stuff is now in there. Greetings Mucu

Hi there, we added 2 videoclips at the media-zone:
- Goatfuck 1998 (Morbide Festspiele)
- Pay the Due 2003
More to come soon. Greetings Mucu

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a little present for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We just added a part of insane at the entrance of our website.

We have finished first track called insane for our "Bloodstained Blues" CD! As you can hear, it´s just a rough mix and will be edited for final mix and master! It´s a new and exciting expierence for us to record it mostly live.It comes more rough and brutal, as the recordings before! Hope you will like it.

At the media section we just added a medley of some trax we just recorded in the meantime for "Bloodstained Blues" So you have a slitely imagination of what is comming to be released on this CD! Please notice that the songs not contain any vocals at the moment. So you have to listen to the instrumental- except "Insane", of course!!!!!!!

So let the ghouls out and we whish you lots of HORROR MOVIES!!!!! HARHARHAR!!!!!

Hi there, we are just filling up the picture item of our media zone with some pics of some shows and recording sessions. So just take a look there, it´s worth it. By the way we just search some pics from our show we did in Paris club la peche 97. Just send us a mail contact and send it via email or we manage it on another way. Generally speaking, if you have some pics from shows we did, just get in contact with us. Thanx! As we sad, we just will fill up the item, so there are more pics comming soon. Greetings Mucu

Hi, we just added a prelistening soundfile at the start-site. It´s from an upcomming new song we recorded during our rehearsal- session yesterday. Hope you like it! So far 4 songs are arranged until now and ready for record ing soon. Just more songs to do, but the vibe is great and we are just kicking ass during rehearsal. heavy and fast stuff will come. Greetings Mucu!

Hi there, we just added some winamp-skins in the media-zone. Try out! Also we would like to say a big thanxx to all to those guys just writing into our new guestbook. We hope that our forum will be visited and used also. So just fill it with comments! Greetings Mucu

Hi there, we are back and ready for working on new songmaterial for our 10th anniversary release 2005. Sera and Timo are working on new guitartrax preparing new songs that will go back to the roots, more grooviness and catchiness and also more back to grindcore and deep growls. There will be definitely more grindparts and Ralph will sing backing vocals again. So as you can see we are active again and plan activities for 2005. We want definitely play a lot of shows, so feel free and get in contact if you like to have us playing on your show or festival. As you can see we have changed the layout of our website. This should be an appetizer for upcomming Layout of new mucu-release with working title bloodstained blues. We will put the items complete step by step. New guestbook is online, feel free to leave a comment in there. Greetings Mucu


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